The Office

Great architecture adds value and increases quality of life!

The value of architecture is what we at ELEMENT are seeking to deliver. This could involve many things, such as an improved energy performance, better daylight conditions in the workplace, a safer public park or an inspiring art experience. We believe that good architecture plays an important role in the realm of public health, and that environmentalism is crucial in creating safe, welcoming spaces where people can spend their time. We feel a sense of responsibility and great joy in designing our physical surroundings, and set out to challenge contemporary ideas when coming up with new solutions. ELEMENT is constantly seeking new awareness through research, creative collaborations and close dialogue within the industry. In every project, our goal is to reach a rational yet lasting and beautiful response to the task at hand.


Teamwork is dreamwork! At ELEMENT we strive to provide a nurturing community, and all our projects are created in collaboration. Several of our employees are engaged in teaching at the Norwegian architecture schools in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. The academic arena gives us an opportunity to share and discuss our experiences and ideas, while also being challenged. We find this to be very inspiring.

IK Element Portretter 0774

Per-Leif Bersvendsen


IK Element Portretter 0644

Gina M. Kjønigsen


IK Element Portretter 1162

Jonas Kyllenstjerna


IK Element Portretter 1081

Nanna Wernø Nilsson


IK Element Portretter 0694

Sigurd Røgeberg Magelssen


IK Element Portretter 0343

Cathrine Vigander

Architect, partner and CEO

IK Element Portretter 0054

Iselin Vollen Steiro


IK Element Portretter 0466

Anneline K. Hæreid


IK Element Portretter 0741

Bent-Ståle Dyrnes Brørs


IK Element Portretter 0415 ny

Vidar knutsen

Architect, partner

IK Element Portretter 0545

Rikke Christine Nyrud


IK Element Portretter 0604

Åsmund Steinsholm


IK Element Portretter 0251

Fride Homb Dahlerud

Office manager